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Athens, in summer. For many, way too hot, for others, the most relaxed and quiet time to enjoy the Greek capital. We met with Alkistis Giraud for a quick shoot and even quicker chat in the centre of our favourite city. Check out her "insider" tips if you are planning a gateaway to Athens soon - plus she is revealing her fAV swimsuit!

AV: Summer in Athens: give us 3 words that first come to your mind. My ones, for example, would be be sweat, rooftops, jasmine-scented-streets


AG: Cycle-rides, iced-tea, walks

AV: Give us an insider's tip for someone who finds themselves in Athens for a day.

AG: Surely in one day they will not have enough time to discover and enjoy the magic of this city. So, there you go; my tip is to change their tickets and stay more to get to know the city - because she is beautiful.

AV: Favourite swimming spot

AG: A tiny creek, the location of which I am not going to disclose, obviously! 😈

AV: Favourite view spot

AG: My favourite view is from a special terrace I treasure, in Plaka.

AV: Favourite summer walk.

AG: Around 7-8pm, when the sun goes down, and the sky takes on pink and orange shades, I walk on the hill of Philopappos.

AV: Favourite swimsuit from our collection, besides the one you are wearing!

AG: The Yves swimsuit is wonderful and has an incredible fit!!! 💙

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