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Our brand is inspired by contemporary Greece, Greek summer and Mediterranean sea culture. 

Us Greeks, we know how to spend infinite time around sea and water; from early morning swims to late night beach gatherings, and short sea-walks to all day boat trips. We therefore favour unique pieces which combine elegance with comfort, and can be worn all day- and summer- long.


AV was born somewhere between Athens and London, trying to replicate the feeling of Greek summer: the carelessness, the freedom, the celebration of love and joy, so that you can enjoy your Greek summer... wherever you are.


We create premium, eco products with a sea-related focus.

We define "premium" as the combination of:

1. High quality,

2. Well thought-out design

3. Eco-consciousness

4. Innovative materials

5. Limited availability


 1. Design and sustainability go together. One must not compromise the other.

2. We treat our sea-wear as objects of art. Architecture is our design driver.

3. We create our bespoke AV prints in-house.

4. Good design is not over-design. 

5. We create not only objects, but narratives and stories. Our collections are complete and cohesive. Each object speaks to each other. 


Amalia is a trained architect, with an MSc in Sustainability and Environmental Design from Univercity College London. 

Fashion has always been a passion for her and so she attended a short fashion design course at Central Saint Martins, which marked the starting point for her first collection, SunDream.

Architecture plays naturally an important part in her work and continues to inspire her designs. She appreciates balance, simplicity, minimal shapes and prints. All printed fabrics are designed by her and are digitally printed in Greece. 

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